Chrono Tales takes on 2 new servers as Survival Island becomes a hit

By Michael Jamias
chrono tales new servers survival island

Launching next week on February 18, the two additional servers were made in response to “thousands of players” requesting for new ones.

Chrono Tales publisher Ray Media Group said it has been listening to open beta feedback on how to improve the fantasy mmorpg, and fans suggested expanding the server list to three to one, presumably to lower the player density and allow for faster logins and lower lag. One other feedback given was that the daily in-game events on Survival Island are “interesting and challenging.”

Survival Island plays host to free-for-all PvP in the browser mmo. Players are alerted when Survival Island event commences, and those who wish to participate can join in on the carnage through the portals that appear near towns. Players will attack each other until one survivor remains and is declared the winner of the event.

Survival Island’s popularity stems from the handsome rewards that come with participating and winning the event. Chrono Tales players who participate receive extra Exp every 20 seconds and one kill regardless of final ranking nets a player 1 courage badge shard and 5 silver currency. Top-ranked daily winners receive a bundle of courage badges and gold currency, which help them power up even more.


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