Chrono Tales shines light on Astrology features

By Michael Jamias
chrono tales astrology system

Chrono Tales players will be able to earn Zodiacs to power up in the 3D MMORPG and spend soul stars for a wide range of in-game bonuses.

Once a character hits level 12 in Chrono Tales, he or she can gain a random constellation from the 12 Zodiacs. Each Zodiac has a different attribute which will help your character grow stronger.

Zodiacs enable you to obtain Soul Stars, which can then be equipped into Soul Star sockets for direct attribute increases. There are five increasing rarities of Soul Stars – from the basic White, to Green, Blue, Golden and the best Orange. Higher rarities obviously contribute more attribute bonuses to your character in the browser mmo.

Combinations of Soul Stars can activate Star Fortunes and dictate the way you do battle, especially in PvP, so it is crucial to experiment. Four Soul Stars can be owned at most at the same time. When a character equips four Soul Stars, this will trigger a state of Zodiac Vigor which further imbues attribute bonuses on top of those given individually by each Soul Star – similar to a synergy bonus or a set completion bonus when donning all gear pieces in other mmo games.


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