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chrono tales valentines day events
Valentine's Day is just a couple of nights away, and if your Chrono Tales character is still single but ready to mingle, then now's the perfect time to woo an in-game partner. The MMORPG has started launching its line-up of Chrono Tales Valentine's Day events, and in one particularly lovey-dovey event, players can take couple screenshots with their special someone, and receive coupons and 99 flowers for the sweet gesture. But if you're a b...
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Feb 12 2014
chrono tales weapon transmogrification
The fantasy mmorpg Chrono Tales has added the Transmogrification function to the game, allowing players to swap the look of their gear. Chrono Tales players who activate Transmogrification will be able to change the icon and appearance of an equipment with those of another equipment while retaining the original's  attributes. This should please costume fans who want to sport their favorite gear in the browser mmo without having to sacrifice...
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Apr 24 2013
chrono tales new servers survival island
Launching next week on February 18, the two additional servers were made in response to “thousands of players” requesting for new ones. Chrono Tales publisher Ray Media Group said it has been listening to open beta feedback on how to improve the fantasy mmorpg, and fans suggested expanding the server list to three to one, presumably to lower the player density and allow for faster logins and lower lag. One other feedback given was that the daily...
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Feb 12 2013
chrono tales second closed beta
The anime-style 3D browser mmo entered into its two-week-long second closed beta on January 7. The most notable upgrade coming with second closed beta is the raised level cap to 60. Chrono Tales will see a swath of new world bosses and daily instances as well. This latest beta round should also see the debut of two new systems – Divinization and Treasure Plant. Other UI improvements that have been rolled out include the hotkey option to turn on...
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Jan 08 2013
chrono tales astrology system
Chrono Tales players will be able to earn Zodiacs to power up in the 3D MMORPG and spend soul stars for a wide range of in-game bonuses. Once a character hits level 12 in Chrono Tales, he or she can gain a random constellation from the 12 Zodiacs. Each Zodiac has a different attribute which will help your character grow stronger. Zodiacs enable you to obtain Soul Stars, which can then be equipped into Soul Star sockets for direct attribute incr...
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Dec 03 2012