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Chronicles of Eidola is a free browser MMO developed and published by AMZ Game. Role playing features and turn based system are also part of the game. Adventures take place in a fantasy world governed by magic. Chronicles of Eidola players are given a goal and they must find allies to complete their task. Heroes of all kinds are willing to help them. From humble servants to brave champions and even unlikely allies such as devils, players will find lots of fighters that will help them with quests. Some activities are meant for multiplayer. The game has challenging quests that can only be completed with the help of other players. Boss battles are another activity that requires player interaction. Chronicles of Eidola also features PvP content where users fight each other.

Guild battles are team based content. It's really easy to form a guild battle party. A handy game feature allows players to select from a list the activity they wish to complete and to find a group of players. Activities are organized based on level requirements. Most activities are battles against monsters and bosses. Chronicles of Eidola is a free MMORPG that aims to create a new combat experience. Players will find that battles are easy in the beginning but defeating monsters becomes more challenging as players reach higher levels. It's up to each player to come up with a valid strategy that works for an encounter. Bosses have different fighting styles so players must adapt their team and their tactics each time they face a new challenge. As party leaders, Chronicles of Eidola players are given the possibility to change units position so each unit fights against an enemy of similar power. Heroes that have defeated their designated enemy will help the party leader. The goal is to defeat all monsters and win the ultimate fight against the main boss. Gauntlet is one Chronicles of Eidola activity that tests players organizational skills. To finish the gauntlet, players must defeat waves of enemies. The rewards list is refreshed every day with new items.

Arena is a PvP activity. Chronicles of Eidola players challenge each other to duels. Players are ranked according to their performance. Among other prizes players will also get medals of honor that are used as currency at the game store. The top daily players are rewarded with special items. Chronicles of Eidola is one of the free browser games that use microtransactions and diamonds as premium currency. Players exchange diamonds for various items and also for services like arena attempts. PvF content is the perfect chance to take a break from the arena or from fighting monsters. Casual activities like rat race and orb breaker are fun and rewarding. Chronicles of Eidola comes with features for all players and nice graphics.

By Rachel Rosen

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