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  • Casus Beli: pilot

    Casus Beli: pilot
    Every pilot needs an epic name that just drips with swagger. Remember to name yourself while working on the tutorial....
    Casus Beli: pilot

    Casus Beli: upgrades

    Casus Beli: upgrades
    Remember to purchase new upgrades for your ship as you earn money. And never forget to have plenty of ammunition. A missle launche...
    Casus Beli: upgrades

    Casus Beli: move

    Casus Beli: move
    While traveling, left clock on an area to move towards that location. Our ship has a large turning radius so it takes time to chan...
    Casus Beli: move

    Casus Beli: attack

    Casus Beli: attack
    Click on an object to highlight and then hit 1 to shoot a missle at it. Make sure you have missles to shoot....
    Casus Beli: attack

Casus Belli is a sci-fi themed browser mmo, developed and published by Infinitios. In Latin, Casus Belli means “reason for war”. In Casus Belli, the online game, Earth is in danger. Humans are lucky enough to receive help from someone or something that prefers to hide its identity. Casus Belli is not a game about conquering other planets. It's about keeping our own galaxy safe. Thanks to this unknown help, humans are now able to use advanced technologies and defend their home world. Casus Belli players will take the role of a human pilot. Casus Belli is not an mmorpg so there aren’t any character types to choose from. Each player will build a small army of ships. The ships are a player’s most valuable asset in Casus Belli.

Casus Belli free mmo starts with a tutorial. The first thing new players learn is how to use the in game shop. After equipping the ship with some basic ammo, the field training begins. Movement, aiming and firing at enemy ships are explained. The Dock is the place where players can check their pilot’s status. Each player starts with just one ship, more can be unlocked when the pilot gains experience. Each pilot can have a maximum of 7 ships. Only one ship can be used at a time. The shop is a player’s armory. Varied items, from ships to supplies, are acquired here. Clicking on an item will reveal its full specifications. One way of getting some extra money is by selling obsolete items. This can be done at the warehouse. The Configurator is a tool that allows players to customize their ships. A ship has more stats to be considered. The stat choice differs from player to player. The important thing is to not let a stat reach a negative value. Ships with negative stats are unusable. Casus Belli has a fast match making system. If enough players are signed up for battles, fights will happen once every 20 seconds.

Besides ships, weapons are also an important thing in Casus Belli. Every ship can be equipped with a variety of weapons. Missiles are the most used weapons. Advanced ships can have more weapons slots. In addition to missiles, laser weapons can also be mounted on ships. Laser weapons don’t work in the same way as missiles. Players must take time and get comfortable using both of them. Ships support accessories like an accelerator, EMP generator and some more. Ships are never destroyed, not even after losing battles. They are taken to the dock where they can be repaired. Like all browser games, Casus Belli has a statistics page that lists personal and general statistics.

By Rachel Rosen

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