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  • Castlot: arena

    Castlot: arena
    The arena is a place to test and train your hero as well as earn rewards....
    Castlot: arena

    Castlot: quest

    Castlot: quest
    Work on quests to collect the rewards and learn the basics of the game....
    Castlot: quest

    Castlot: city

    Castlot: city
    Build up your city as you play. You will construct new buildings and upgrade existing buildings....
    Castlot: city

    Castlot: army

    Castlot: army
    Heroes lead your armies into combat against other armies....
    Castlot: army

Castlot is a medieval themed free no download MMORPG game that throws players into a world of chivalrous knights and demonic enemies. Castlot is available as a free to play title, compatible with any internet browser, allowing players to log in and begin their military campaign from practically anywhere.

Castlot is home to an extensive building and construction system that allows players to build over 15 unique structures. Unlike other strategy MMORTS games, the building system in Castlot is free-form, meaning players can place buildings wherever they please, not being restricted by predetermined vacant spots. As well as being able to upgrade and improve buildings, Castlot also rewards active players by changing the appearance of certain buildings, offering players much grander architectural designs as the buildings increase in level. Castlot doesn't just allow players to construct useful buildings, the game also offers a large amount of decorative features that players can use such as roads, benches and trees.

Castlot provides players with a unique progression-based PvP arena system. Arena battles are common in today's MMORTS games but rarely do they offer the depth that is available in Castlot. As you defeat players in the arena, your arena rank and level will increase, as well as earning you rewards such as gold and experience points. As you increase your arena rank you will unlock the bounty feature. The bounties reward you with a certain amount of gold every victory, allowing you to stack up the effect to provide you with mass amounts of gold, a vital resource in expanding your city.

Castlot's unique medieval setting, combined with the highly detailed construction and unit management systems, makes it one of the most appealing MMORTS games on the internet. MMORTS fans will love the new approach to quick building, intense combat features and huge variety of quests available in Castlot.

By Rachel Rosen

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