CasinoRPG open beta invites all gambler-tycoons

By Michael Jamias
casinorpg open beta launch

The Kickstarter-funded browser mmo is now inviting potential casino tycoons to start building up their fortunes.

True to its name, CasinoRPG promises the best of both casino and rpg gaming worlds -- getting to play classic card games like poker, blackjack and slots, then spending their winnings to build their dream casino empire.

The CasinoRPG open beta comes after a year of development and closed beta testing, said indie games maker GoldFire Studios.

The idea for CasinoRPG sprouted in the face of massive crowding in the social casino gaming space. "Innovation has stalled, and we wanted to do something new," said James Simpson, founder and CEO of GoldFire Studios.

One of the innovations in CasinoRPG is in how it provides a world-building endgame to the traditional casino gaming model, so that poker stars can then spend their wealth to "build casino empires, design luxury apartments and follow a vibrant story throughout the sprawling cities." Tycoons can also visit other cities, possibly to get inspiration or simply to socialize with other mmorpg players.

In terms of technology, developers said has been designed and built with the open web in mind. "It belongs to no specific platform and can run on virtually any device thanks to the use of HTML5 browser technologies," said the developers. This translates to a number of advantages for CasinoRPG open beta testers and future fans, foremost of which is the chance to play instantly without the need for downloads or plugins


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