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By Tam Mageean
casinorpg launch

Two years in development, a year of constant beta testing and finally, it's been announced that CasinoRPG is ready for public consumption.

"CasinoRPG has been under development for over two years, most recently completing a successful Kickstarter campaign and closed beta testing in 2013. Open beta testing has been progressing since September of last year, with over 17,000 players actively participating. During this span, all of the artwork in the game has been completely revamped, hundreds of new features added and thousands of bugs squashed."

If you're a fan of the old classics, such as Theme Hospital, Sim City and Rollercoaster Tycoon, this could be the mmo for you. CasinoRPG places the empire building model onto an online, persistent world, where you can pit your own gambling creations against the rest of the worlds in huge casino-crammed city all over the globe, populated by both NPC's and other online players.

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The online RPG starts you out as a humble janitor, and the early game will see you climbing the ladders of the industry, before working your way up to becoming a casino tycoon, running chains of venues worldwide, not to mention gambling you spoils at your nearby poker and blackjack tables.

Early last year, Goldfire Studios sped up the development process of their no download mmo, thanks to a $20,000 community boost from their Kickstarter campaign which offered everything up to personalized NPC's as rewards for pledgers.

CasinoRPG launches, free to play, from today. Click here to register and check it out.


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