Card Hunter has launched, to the delight of tabletop RPG fans

By Michael Jamias
card hunter release

Card Hunter, arguably one of the few free browser games to capture the magic of pen-and-paper RPGs, is now live.

Card Hunter offers a mishmash of genre features -- card collecting, board gaming, MMO gearing and fantasy rpg leveling.

And it surprisingly works. Just watch this Card Hunter preview trailer to see what we mean:

No less is expected given the pedigree of developers behind this digital re-imagining of a dungeon master-controlled, dice-rolling RPG. Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield and Irrational Games co-founder and BioShock maker Jonathan Chey were just two of the developer heavyweights involved in making Card Hunter.

“I wanted to break away from the usual with this game” said Jonathan Chey. “We’ve come up with brand new card play and deck-building mechanics, setting players challenges they’ve never seen before, all through the lens of discovering tabletop role-playing with your friends.”

Card Hunter has gone on to gain the avid following of influential videogaming figures and critics, including Penny Arcade’s Tycho who named it his favorite game at PAX Prime 2012.

Card Hunter can be played free, but it also offers a special Basic Edition package that unlock all Treasure Hunt adventures, one month Card Hunter Club membership, nine extra figures and 100 slices of Papa Manchu pizza currency for $25.

Card Hunter Club membership guarantees improved loot drops with every campaign players finish, making it that much faster and easier to power up characters.


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