Card Hunter unveils content plan for 2014

By Michael Jamias
card hunter content plans 2014

Hungry for new Card Hunter content? Don't worry, 2014 should bring more than enough to sate your appetite.

Based on its 2014 content plan, the card-based dungeon crawling mmorpg is getting new campaign adventures, packed with additional cards and items, as well as tricky new monsters to overcome. The majority of these will likely be free to play, but better rewards will be guaranteed to paying Club members.

If you're more of the card battling type, you'll want to jump into the new multiplayer tournaments shipping out this year.

2014 will also see a surge in player-made content. Card Hunter's web based API was recently released, and players have been steadily churning out maps and tournaments for everyone else to try out.

The best of this player-made content will be featured in the Mauve Manticore in-game magazine. Those have exhausted the main game content (or just wish to take a break) can jump into these custom scenarios. It helps that these also hand out comparably great rewards.

You can also spend 2014 honing your skills as a dungeon master. Card Hunter developers have made a Custom Scenario Editor tutorial to get you in the swing of publishing player-made adventures in the no download mmorpg.


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