Attack of the Artifacts Expansion Coming to Card Hunter

By Jeff Francis
Card Hunter Attack of the Artifacts

The first major expansion for the Card Hunter browser mmo is coming later this month. The Attack of the Artifacts expansion for Card Hunter adds a great deal of new content to the card/board game hybrid. Players will be able to take part in new adventures, battle new monsters, and gain powerful new cards. Players who eagerly partake of PvP battles will delight in the new Card Hunter leagues.

Blue Manchu is making sure that the new content in Attack of the Artifacts isn't just confined to the high level echelons of player. Studio founder Jonathan Chey has said that half of the new adventures will be fairly low level and are designed to give players who are having a tough time with the main campaign some options. The other half of the adventures are designed as end-game content for experienced players and will be quite challenging.

Card Hunter expansion

Card Hunter leagues will be introduced in a variety of formats and will shake up the mmo's multiplayer experience. Some leagues will even have players competing without building a deck first so as to provide a level playing field between experienced players and newer ones.

Like many browser games, Attack of the Artifacts for Card Hunter will have some free components and some that can be purchased in the game's cash shop. If players want the entire expansion, they can purchase all the new adventures, items, figures, and in-game club membership for $15. Not bad for a game that will give you many hours of enjoyment, especially if you're an old-school gamer that grew up playing the original D&D, which serves as an inspiration for Card Hunter.


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