Card Hunter takes on Attack of the Artifacts expansion

By Michael Jamias
card hunter attack artifacts expansion

Heroes normally depend on their trusty artifacts to slay evil monsters, but in the Card Hunter Attack of the Artifacts expansion, you can actually play as an artifact and go on a murderous rampage.

Now available to play at the official Card Hunter website (click the Play Now button to the right of the page), the newly released expansion adds more than 70 new cards, 200 new items and six new adventures to fill your thirst for turn-based thrills.

Watch the Card Hunter Attack of the Artifacts trailer to see what epic challenges and legendary loot await you in this new expansion for the card strategy mmo.

As the video reveals, Card Hunter has also gotten a brand new multiplayer league system where you can play as monsters. If you want even more bestial mayhem in the browser mmo, you can form a multiplayer party and square off against other parties in exciting new boards. At stake? Pizza, treasure chests, unique figures and other scrumptious rewards.

Those who log in to Card Hunter during the expansion's launch week will be able score a free magnificent artifact chest and get a free trial of the league system. Both give new players and veterans a chacne to earn rarer items they wouldn't otherwise be able to obtain normally.


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