Call of Roma cranks open its third server

By Michael Jamias
call of roma third server tretius

Call of Roma's packed populations can breathe a little easier as the strategy mmo launches a third server, Tretius.

Lords looking to conquer new lands -- or just get a fresh start -- can relocate to the third Call of Roma server opened over the weekend.

Transferees and new players get prizes for being one of the first to lay claim on the Tretius server. This includes gear, gold, shoes, passes, sketches and other cool items for fans that rank within 100 by September 19.

Player rankings will be based on the general Ranking in the Caesary system used by the browser mmo.

Honor competitors who place in the top 20 rankings will snag cool rewards such as acrolith, speech and mover items.

The best league teams with at least 60 members also get a little something for placing in the Top 3 leagues at the end of the event.

Then for the newbies just jumping into the mmo, developers have assembled a set of starter freebies if they pick to settle into the Tretius server.

New servers typically have faster queues and lower lag, but have the disadvantage of not being as developed or competitive as the more established Call of Roma servers.

Still, the free items and 40,000 resources should be enough of a sweet carrot to tempt fans to call the Tretius server their new home.

Call of Roma has been steadily expanding their servers -- opening the second and third servers in just the span of two months -- and could be seen as encouraging proof that the game is gaining a lot support from mmo fans.


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