Call of Roma activates second server

By Michael Jamias
call of roma second server

Call of Roma's second server will carry the name "Imperator" and opens tomorrow, July 4.

Publisher said fans can start populating the Imperator server starting 10PM US EST,

The addition of a second server suggests that the free to play browser mmo, which launched back in 2010, has steadily built up a legion of followers who have been enamored by its city building mechanics.

In Call of Roma, players get to found and grow their own ancient Roman city. The challenge of Call of Roma lies in balancing resources, prioritizing which buildings to construct, and managing a standing army that will help repel outside aggressors.

On top of juggling city management features, Call of Roma players will also need to think about broader alliance strategies involving other player cities. Sometimes even the best city managers will see their cities fall to ruin because of an inability to maintain alliances.

Call of Roma operates as a free to play mmo with optional membersip and cash shop monetization. Members receive resource perks, among other convenience advantages, and players can purchase cash shop items to give them that little bit of edge in city building progression and combat engagements.


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