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call of roma third server tretius
Call of Roma's packed populations can breathe a little easier as the strategy mmo launches a third server, Tretius. Lords looking to conquer new lands -- or just get a fresh start -- can relocate to the third Call of Roma server opened over the weekend. Transferees and new players get prizes for being one of the first to lay claim on the Tretius server. This includes gear, gold, shoes, passes, sketches and other cool items for fans that rank wi...
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Sep 10 2013
call of roma second server
Call of Roma's second server will carry the name "Imperator" and opens tomorrow, July 4. Publisher said fans can start populating the Imperator server starting 10PM US EST, The addition of a second server suggests that the free to play browser mmo, which launched back in 2010, has steadily built up a legion of followers who have been enamored by its city building mechanics. In Call of Roma, players get to found and grow their own anc...
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Jul 03 2013