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  • Call of Roma: Main Town

    Call of Roma: Main Town
    My kingdom has grown into an economic powerhouse....
    Call of Roma: Main Town

    Call of Roma: Map View

    Call of Roma: Map View
    From this view we use coordinates to deploy our armies....
    Call of Roma: Map View

    Call of Roma: Expansion

    Call of Roma: Expansion
    I manage to expand and grow my second city....
    Call of Roma: Expansion

    Call of Roma: Time for War

    Call of Roma: Time for War
    My units gather, a war is about to begin; I am hoping to be the victor....
    Call of Roma: Time for War

Call of Roma (aka Caesary) is a browser mmo, developed by Heroic Era and Blue Power and distributed by several publishers like Aeria Games, Kongregate or Lekool. As the name implies, Call of Roma is set in ancient Roman times. Players start Call of Roma as Roman Consults. New players will be presented with a short tutorial. If you played other mmo strategy games, Call of Roma is pretty easy to learn. However, completing the tutorial is recommended. A nice feature is the ability to customize your lord's portrait. The funny part is that Call of Roma uses the term “lord”. For a game that wants to recreate a Roman experience, that's not a very inspired choice.

Every town in Call of Roma has a rectorate and 4 mines. The rectorate is the city hall. The other 4 buildings are: farm, quarry stone, iron mine and lumber mill. It's pretty obvious what kind of resource each of them produces. Buildings have to be upgraded in order to give more resources. An interesting feature is that mines don't just increase their resource output simply by upgrade. Related jobs for citizens must be created. Players also need to worry about their army. There is a 7 days protection for new players. As soon as the first week ends, a town can be raided. Players have heroes that are in charge of their armies. Wilderness spots can be farmed for more resources. When a hero conquers a wilderness spot it gains a special resource called diamonds. When a player is in control of a wilderness spot, in town resource gain will be boosted. In Call of Roma mmo, players can conquer other villages. Scouts can be send to check out the defending armies before making the actual attack. Call of Roma has a religion system formed of three gods. Jupiter is in charge of building development, Minerva with troops and Juno keeps an eye on citizens.

Player interaction is highly encouraged in Call of Roma . Joining a powerful league will make your town less likely to be attacked. Towns can also be fortified for a better defense. When a player conquers other towns, it receives 20% of their resource production. Players can willingly pay the 20% tribute to other players. In this case, the town becomes a colony. The objective of Call of Roma is to have as many colonies as possible. Players can speed up their development by purchasing premium features. Just like other free browser games, Call of Roma has an item mall. Premium items can be acquired by Call of Roma non paying members by playing the Zodiac Ceremony.

By Rachel Rosen


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