Fast-growing Call of Gods adds its fourth server

By Michael Jamias
call of gods server 4

In response to the burgeoning Call of Gods playerbase, developer Outspark has added a fourth server to expand capacity in the no download mmorpg.

Named Server 4, the new server will have all the bells and whistles of the existing worlds and will be able to participate in the Call of Gods cross-server PvP, which has been raging as of late with the release of the Clash of Gods arena combat update.

Clash of Gods intensified faction vs. faction fighting with the Dark League and Holy League competing for control of the all-powerful Relic of God.

With the launch of Server 4, Outspark CEO Philip Yun anticipates a seismic shake-up in the MMO as the new server poses a fresh threat to the existing ones. It also offers a grand opportunity for new players to catch up and establish themselves in a free-for-all realm.

“It's always thrilling when we launch a new server because it offers players the chance to pretty much dominate everyone. The minute the server opens, players rush in, stake claims on fresh territory, and start to build powerful new alliances. It's a very exciting time for new players to join the browser game.”

Server 4 opening events will include the popular Legions Champion Cup, Dungeon Master, King of Players, Orange Fever and Golden Summoner, all of which will run through Monday, October 24. At stake will be valuable rewards including skill books, alliance chests, and golden keys.


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