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  • Business Tycoon Online: industry

    Business Tycoon Online: industry
    Before becoming a business tycoon, you need to decide what industry you will take over. The MMOEmpire is obviouslly entertainment!...
    Business Tycoon Online: industry

    Business Tycoon Online: quest

    Business Tycoon Online: quest
    Quests guide you and give rewards to help your growing empire....
    Business Tycoon Online: quest

    Business Tycoon Online: build

    Business Tycoon Online: build
    Build stores in empty spots. We're placing our first store in a residential district....
    Business Tycoon Online: build

    Business Tycoon Online: store

    Business Tycoon Online: store
    Don't forget to manage your stores. You need to keep them stocked, clean, staffed, and keep the staff happy....
    Business Tycoon Online: store

Business Tycoon Online is a unique economy and business based strategy game that originally launched in Asia and tallied over 2 million registered users.  Players take on the role of an energetic entrepreneur that has begun their business career in Liberty City, a city where a new opportunity awaits around every corner. You can choose what area of business you want to specialize in. The available options are Entertainment Industry, Catering Industry, Service Industry and Sales Industry. Each industry has totally unique mechanics, effectively creating 4 different games in one browser MMO title.

Staff play a huge role in the game. Players from every industry will need to construct certain buildings to house their business, as well as factories and warehouses to create and store the required materials and items for their particular industry. Staff members are involved in every aspect of this, from a simple secretary, to a factory floor manager. Each staff member has their own behavioral traits and statistics, forcing players to choose their staff wisely. Players must manage their staff members salary as well as their contract and behavior. There is also a rating system that is similar to MMORPG item ratings, with different staff members being displayed in different colors depending on their capabilities and potential.  The world of business can be cruel and staff can choose to leave or go on strike if they're not cared for, but players can also choose to give them the boot if they're not meeting deadlines or performing to expectations.

There's a famous saying, there are no friends in business, and this proves true in Business Tycoon Online as players can choose many options that can have an impact on their rivals. Players are able to pay certain media companies for various reasons, such as a favorable television or radio interview, which can increase your reputation greatly. But there's also the option of slandering your opponents across a national network, reducing their reputation and business potential.

By Rachel Rosen

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