BoomSky breaks silence on Warplane and Hangar systems

By Michael Jamias
boomsky warplane hangar systems

Aerial combat mmorpg BoomSky will have hundreds of warplanes to collect and store in one’s customizable Hangar home.

As a free mmorpg no download game, Boomsky will follow a microtransaction model where some warplanes can be earned for free after completing daring air quests and missions. Each player’s warplanes will be stored in his or her personal Hangar, “which acts as a central hub for a plethora of BoomSky's gameplay options,” according to developer NGames.

“Not only does the hanger provide a place for pilots to store all of their planes and customise them with a new lick of paint, it also lets them access the in-game shop for additional parts, and provides access to the ‘try your luck’ item slot machines for further plane enhancements,” NGames added.

Warplane customization will revolve mainly around collecting dyes. Colors will range from striking hues such as Red Baron to combat-themed Apache shades. “Players are given the tools to go to town on their aircraft to make it stand out in BoomSky's crowded clouds.”

There will be single and multiplayer modes, all controlled through the keyboard and set in exciting anime graphic backgrounds, which should give the the game “an old school flavor with a fresh graphical twist.”


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