BoomSky brings on bi-monthly flight league contests

By Michael Jamias
boomsky flight league contests

The aerial combat MMORPG invites all level 20+ pilots to join Flight League Contests and compete for warplane upgrades and other prizes.

BoomSky publisher NGames said that Flight League Contests have been activated on the live servers, allowing pilots to engage in “massive, winner-takes-all” night fights.

“Every evening between 20:00 – 22:00, players can compete against one another to earn points and climb the rankings of their contest leagues. Accrued points can be used to unlocked a plethora of awesome upgrades, unlocking new gears and weapons to futher customise and upgrade warplanes,” said NGames in a release.

BoomSky pilots can join up to 10 active contests at a time, with each contest lasting for two months before rankings are reset. The highest-ranked pilots at the end of the contest are rewarded with rare enhancements and other sought-after items in the aerial no download mmorpg.

 “The top 3 ranked pilots at the end of each contest will be rewarded with special item packs and enhancements, while pilots ranked 4th – 50th will each win two mystery reward boxes stuffed with desirable BoomSky items,” said NGames.

The Flight League Contest has its own menu interface which displays win rates, win streaks, remaining battles for the day -- basically information about your performance and standing during each contest.


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