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boomsky flight league contests
The aerial combat MMORPG invites all level 20+ pilots to join Flight League Contests and compete for warplane upgrades and other prizes. BoomSky publisher NGames said that Flight League Contests have been activated on the live servers, allowing pilots to engage in “massive, winner-takes-all” night fights. “Every evening between 20:00 – 22:00, players can compete against one another to earn points and climb the rankings of their contest leagues....
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Jan 14 2013
boomsky warplane hangar systems
Aerial combat mmorpg BoomSky will have hundreds of warplanes to collect and store in one’s customizable Hangar home. As a free mmorpg no download game, Boomsky will follow a microtransaction model where some warplanes can be earned for free after completing daring air quests and missions. Each player’s warplanes will be stored in his or her personal Hangar, “which acts as a central hub for a plethora of BoomSky's gameplay options,” according to ...
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Nov 16 2012