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BoomSky is a strategy browser mmo, developed and published by NGames. Players will adventure into BoomSky world as pilots. BoomSky planes are highly customizable air vehicles. Weapons can be mounted on planes. Firing your weapons is not as straightforward as it may seem and several aspects like wind direction and power must be taken into consideration. One of the most exciting old school flavored BoomSky feature is that planes will be controlled using keys not mouse buttons. Graphics are anime style. BoomSky content can be experienced in a multitude of game modes. The mechanics are simple enough so casual gamers will have no problem understanding them. There also is plenty of challenging content to keep more dedicated gamers engaged.

For now, players will have 4 choices for BoomSky character creation. Each character has a unique story and a relation with the other BoomSky free mmo characters. Trinad Keys is a young boy who lost his parents. He was raised and trained by Villa. He is determined to fight in the war and he already enrolled. Villa Nuevade is an experienced pilot and a patriot. He is considered charming by most female BoomSky characters but sometimes he can act extremely goofy. Emma is a skilled engineer and also a member of Flight Formation. She inherited her fondness for engineering from her father. Sometimes, her experiments can go wrong but luckily Effel is there to take care of it. Effel Golan is an intern and she is very popular among other Flight Formation 2 members. Rumor has it that something is going on between her and Villa. Effel and Emma are good friends. BoomSky characters can be customized with skills and abilities. Players can also pick various outfits for their characters to give them unique looks.

BoomSky has a wide selection of warplanes. Some are realistic models but some are really sci fi. The Apache is one of the best warplanes and uses hellfire and longbow missiles. The Deformable warplane is a versatile plane that can become faster or stronger when situation demands it. Red Baron is a plane used in WW1 and can blast its target using a TNT keg. Bronco warplane is based on a model used in WW2. The F-10 uses load and thunder missiles. The Gale has no combat weapons but it has the ability to create a whirlwind and confuse enemies. The Frigid can shoot ice attacks and freeze all enemy planes. BoomSky mmorts will feature air combat, PvE missions and PvP modes.

By Rachel Rosen




BoomSky employs cute anime-style graphics that explode with color and personality. The presentation can seem childish to those who have outgrown big-eyed cartoon characters, but for everyone else, this is a lighthearted browser game with amusing visuals.

In BoomSky, you can create a pilot avatar and control a set of warplanes. Customization options for these are limited at the beginning, but as you collect more gear, equipment, enhancements and paint dyes, you can slowly customize the look of both your avatar and your warplanes.

Your avatar has eight gear slots, and most of these will change the appearance of your avatar when equipped with a certain item, such as the air force uniform shown below. You can toggle between showing an equipped outfit or not.

Boomsky character equipment

These avatars are displayed during the match-up screens and while your battle is loading up, so you can show off your hard-earned or bought equipment for everyone else to admire.

Boomsky Warplane customization

Boomsky dye warplane customization

In contrast, customizing your warplane’s visuals is a lot more constricted. Equipped parts on your warplane do not change its appearance. One of the only things you can tweak from the base model of your warplanes is their color by using a special dye. You can change your warplane’s color tone, its gray level and its brightness. The result is hundreds of possible color changes for your warplane – and enough to set it apart from the rest of the player base fleet.

Boomsky ultimate blast skill

Battles are held in a wide vertical map that simulates the sky or space. Here, your warplane squares off with its enemies. Backgrounds change depending on the dungeon and storyline mission, and random PvP matches occur in random battlefields. There is enough variety that you won’t easily get bored with the look of the game, at least for the first dozen of hours you spend playing. Sometimes though maps are so large that you would wish for a zoom-out option to more accurately hit targets.


The music tracks in BoomSky are overwhelmingly chirpy. The developers made sure that the map you are playing in looks and sounds cohesive – so if your are fighting in the clear skies of a hilly meadow, then the sound you will hear is quite soothing. But if you are defending a starbase, then the music becomes more menacing.

Battles are punctuated with special sound effects. Missiles give off a satisfying kaboom sound on impact, and even launching a shot emits a sweet whistling sound, as if an actual projectile is flying through the air. All this adds authenticity of your sky battles.


BoomSky is very easy to learn. The beginning offers ample tutorials to get you in the swing of piloting your warplane, and getting used to the shooting mechanism. As far as strategy browser games go, BoomSky is more about practicing your shooting skills than actual tactics. The whole point is to hit your enemy with a handful of shots before the same is done to you, so the key to success is landing those shots.

Boomsky player range

There are hints available that guide you to score hits such as angle shot indicators and wind direction meters, but it comes down to having a feel for the shooting system though enough practice games. Beginners will find themselves missing a lot of their shots, but those who have played other similar mmorpg games like DDTank should master BoomSky in no time. Also, keep in mind that friendly fire applies. You can destroy your own teammate if you’re not careful where you shoot.


BoomSky has a fairly straightforward. There are no intricate objectives to victory – most of the time you simply have to wipe out the enemy to win. It’s also a game that poses only a small learning curve. Just a few hours of tinkering with the controls, fighting in a few matches, and exploring each menu will teach you everything about the game.

One of the first things you will learn is that you need to keep on fighting and completing missions to get anywhere in the MMO. Each match nets you gold, and each mission earns you cash, gear and token rewards.

Should you feel the need to power up, the auction house holds upgrade parts, items, costumes and pets. You will need the cash shop currency called Star Coins to be able to buy anything from the auction house.

Boomsky cash shop

There are two ways you can win an item via the auction house. First, you can place a bid and hope that it remains the highest bid when the auction timer ends. The interesting thing about this is that the auction times only show an approximation of the auction time left, so you will have to keep a close eye on your bids especially in the last hour of bidding or risk losing it to a more watchful competitor.

The second way you can win an auction is through a guaranteed fixed price. Pay the indicated Star Coins to obtain the item on the spot without having to go through the grueling auction process.

Unique Fun Factor

In BoomSky, pilots will relish blowing up airplanes with an array of missile and bomb attacks. There is also great satisfaction in mastering the shooting system through hours of practice. BoomSky is one of those games that everyone can excel at; it is only a question of how fast you can develop a knack for launching your attacks at the right angle and distance.

Casuals will be more drawn to the concept of the game than hardcore players because of the fast matches, low learning curve and general repetitiveness. Gamers with cash to burn on the cash shop and auction house will also like the prospect of lording over their budget rivals due to the noticeable bump in power from purchased gear and items.

Pros and Cons

-    Extensive pilot avatar and airplane customization
-    Snappy battles allow for quick play sessions
-    Losing matches still yields consolation rewards

-    Dungeon parties take a long time to form
-    Items and gear are not permanently owned and will require renewal payment
-    Matchmaking can pair you up with unfairly powerful opponents


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