Blood and Jade's beta servers launch today

By Tam Mageean
blood and jade open beta

Prepare to be transported into a warring, ancient China; where Goddesses roam the battlefield and war is currency, as the upcoming MMORPG, Blood and Jade goes open beta.

"Thanks to the dedication and tenacity of Alpha users, the opening of the Xianyang server heralds a new beginning for Blood and Jade."

R2 Games, the developer, and makers of other great no download MMORPG's, including Crystal Saga and Wartune, have taken a different route this time, with this gritty, map conquering battler. The fate of ancient China rests in your hands, and you must battle the forces of evil through consequential campaigns and ever-changing quests.

Blood and Jade Hero

The launch of the Xianyang server marks a big step in Blood and Jade's development and will allow R2 Games to fully test their competitive guild system; where guilds can fight for territory and push their guild leaders to earn their right to the throne as Blood and Jade's emperor. The PvP and guild gameplay is certainly the jewel in Blood and Jade's crown, with the emphasis on rewarding party-play, huge bosses and all out guild vs guild territory war.

Blood and Jade has some unique features, such as its "meditation" upgrade mechanic and the use of Goddesses. Goddesses are can be recruited and nurtured to help you in your battles and campaigns.

For more information, or to check out the beta first-hand, be sure to check out the official Blood and Jade website.


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