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Blade of Queen is an anime no download MMORPG developed and published by Carol Games. Players are put in charge of a group of female warriors and they are tasked with saving the world. Gameplay includes character advancement, team customization, PvE activities, world bosses and social interaction. There are five Blade of Queen classes. Warriors excel at melee combat and burst damage. Rangers are the opposite of warriors, they are trained in ranged combat using arrows. Assassins fight with daggers which allow them to deliver fatal strikes, it takes an extremely skilled fighter to land a blow on the Assassin. Knights protect themselves with heavy armor and also the team by taunting the enemy. Warlocks spend their entire life studying the arts of magic, they have a wide selection of devastating spells, buffs and debuffs. Among Blade of Queen heroes, Warlocks are the most fragile as they equip light armor and have a weak physique.

Players recruit team members through the reputation system. Reputation level is increased when completing various Blade of Queen activities. When players achieve a certain level they will gain rewards and unlock more team members that are referred as partners in game. Partners quality depends on player's reputation level. The higher the level, the stronger the partners. Blade of Queen is a free to play MMO with a combat system based on formations. Players above level six gain access to the formations system. This feature allows them to organize their team, to increase their stats and to boost partners attributes. A team can have up to five members. Partners selection and chosen formation affect the result of a battle. Blade of Queen players earn rewards, unlock content and improve their teams as they level up. Missions are the first type of available PvE content. With each new level, players are able to upgrade their talent so they will have better combat performance. World bosses spawn twice a day. This is a great chance to acquire items needed for a special partner.

Dungeons and instances are also available. Elite instances are pretty challenging so players should make use of the equipment enhancement system. This is a common MMORPG feature that gives players the opportunity to upgrade gear. Blade of Queen players can also use various battle potions and elixirs. Constellation is another character upgrade system. Arena is on the Blade of Queen features list as well. Angel Escort and faction wars are other activities. Manor is a game feature that allows players to take care of a garden and earn additional rewards. Guilds are available at level 20. Blade of Queen is a casual game with anime graphics and tons of content.

By Rachel Rosen

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