Blade Hunter content update adds sprites, wings and mounts

By Michael Jamias
blade hunter sprites wings mounts

Blade Hunter is sporting cutting-edge new systems, including stat-boosting sprites and wings and combat mounts.

This latest Blade Hunter major content update introduces sprites, which become available to characters starting level 39. Sprites are trusty elemental companions that provide a different set of bonuses. Players will have to focus on catching the right sprites if they are hunting down specific stat bonuses. Sprites also scale with levels -- more experienced Blade Hunter characters can equip more Sprites and customize the look of these diminutive helpers.

The update also enables players to acquire Wings, which provide stat bonuses and a cool-looking accessory. Wings can be obtained after completing in-game challenges, crafting item recipes or through Diamond recharge bonuses. When characters hit level 80, their Wings can be upgraded to more stunning designs imbued with hidden abilities.

Mounts also ride into the currently in-beta free no download mmorpg. Mounts provide the standard movement speed bonuses, but they can also be taken to battle to swing the tides in your favor, whether it's through the humble gallop of your Iron Horse or the majestic presence of your Emerald Dragon.

With plenty of new content pouring into Blade Hunter, it's no surprise that mmorpg fans are flocking to the title. Developers have had to add several new servers recently, including the most recent new GMT server as its 8th server specifically for fans of that time zone.


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