Blade Hunter beta begins tomorrow

By Michael Jamias
blade hunter beta starts

R2Games is wasting absolutely no time pushing Blade Hunter to the MMO masses by scheduling its beta right after alpha test ends.

The Blade Hunter beta launch has been scheduled tomorrow, December 19, at 9:00 AM EST -- just several hours after alpha test ends. This means fans can just get some shuteye, and voila, they can log in to the Frozen Meadow server to create new beta characters.

Blade Hunter developers have expanded the beta version and promise to open a fully supported Diamond Shop, and shower everyone with gifts through new server events.

A gift pack for one server event will bestow lucky beta participants with a piece of legendary equipment, 500,000 gold and 50 stamina. Consecutive login rewards will also be implemented with diamond, SP, gold, stamina, honor and item rewards.

R2Games is busting out the cash shop and freebies because beta characters will no longer be erased, and will persist even after the beat 'em up action rpg officially launches.

The only catch we see here is that there has been no server transfer scheme announced. If you like playing your browser games with friends, there's a dilemma of creating a new character in Frozen Meadow and getting ahead in progress. But your friends may come late to the party and settle in less populous and less laggy servers. This may force you to join them and start from scratch.


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