Start annihilating demons in the Blade Hunter alpha test

By Michael Jamias
blade hunter alpha test

The week-long Blade Hunter alpha test has begun and will last until December 18 (11PM GMT+8).

With the help of alpha testers, developer R2Games hopes to squash as many game bugs as it can and test out the main Blade Hunter features to make sure they're fun to play and balanced.

But wait, you say you haven't even heard anything about this game? In a gist, Blade Hunter is a beat-'em-up action free no download mmorpg with a high fantasy flavor. Rather than going into a lengthy description, go watch its official trailer to see its frenetic arcade sidescroller gameplay:

Blade Hunter has a decidedly retro feel in combat, but it also adapts more modern mechanics such as Arena matchmaking and scaling dungeon difficulty. But the story tends to be on the more formulaic side. You get to play as one of the titular Blade Hunters who protect the world from evil, and are specifically tasked with preventing the revival of the horrific Blade Demon.

To perform their sacred duty, Blade Hunters go around the world collecting Holy Blades, each of which contains a unique and powerful Bladesoul. We don't know anything yet about their actual combat benefits, but it's easy to assume the Bladesouls will boost stats and unleash devastating attacks. 

There are two ways for gamers to join the alpha test: Either log in through the main R2Games site or visit the Blade Hunter site, logging in with your R2Games account. But don't get overly attached to your new free to play mmo characters. R2Games said all character data will be wiped after the alpha test ends.


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