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blade hunter sprites wings mounts
Blade Hunter is sporting cutting-edge new systems, including stat-boosting sprites and wings and combat mounts. This latest Blade Hunter major content update introduces sprites, which become available to characters starting level 39. Sprites are trusty elemental companions that provide a different set of bonuses. Players will have to focus on catching the right sprites if they are hunting down specific stat bonuses. Sprites also scale with ...
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Jan 28 2014
blade hunter beta starts
R2Games is wasting absolutely no time pushing Blade Hunter to the MMO masses by scheduling its beta right after alpha test ends. The Blade Hunter beta launch has been scheduled tomorrow, December 19, at 9:00 AM EST -- just several hours after alpha test ends. This means fans can just get some shuteye, and voila, they can log in to the Frozen Meadow server to create new beta characters. Blade Hunter developers have expanded the beta version and ...
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Dec 18 2013
blade hunter alpha test
The week-long Blade Hunter alpha test has begun and will last until December 18 (11PM GMT+8). With the help of alpha testers, developer R2Games hopes to squash as many game bugs as it can and test out the main Blade Hunter features to make sure they're fun to play and balanced. But wait, you say you haven't even heard anything about this game? In a gist, Blade Hunter is a beat-'em-up action free no download mmorpg with a high fantasy flavor. Ra...
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Dec 13 2013