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  • Bitefight: hideout

    Bitefight: hideout
    Whether you are a vampire or a werewolf, you will need a hideout. It may as well look nice!...
    Bitefight: hideout

    Bitefight: city

    Bitefight: city
    The city is the hub of all activity. Head here to find something to do....
    Bitefight: city

    Bitefight: story

    Bitefight: story
    Your story is a series of 40 steps in a quest. You are presented with a situation and must decide how to act. 40 times per story....
    Bitefight: story

    Bitefight: merchant

    Bitefight: merchant
    The merchant is the place to go to buy new gear with your gold that you just 'happened to find'......
    Bitefight: merchant

Bitefight is a browser mmo, developed and published by Gameforge. After gaining popularity, Bitefight was translated into many languages. Most of the players prefer to play Bitefight in their language so they can interact easily with other players. However, players are not restricted to their own country. Bitefight is not a game developed around a story. Players are told that there's an ancient conflict between werewolves and vampires and they must pick a side. The world of humans serves as playground. There is no character customization either. Players get to choose a vampire or a werewolf as a character in Bitefight. There aren't any gameplay related differences between the two races. Besides some terminology differences, vampires and werewolves are pretty much the same in Bitefight.

Bitefight is an mmo centered around PvP. To be able to win battles, vampires and werewolves must train their skills. In order to train skills, a gold fee must be payed. Weapons are the next important feature. These can be acquired from the town's merchant. As a character grows in level, better weapons and gear will be available. Players can use the marketplace to trade items between themselves. Quests can be picked up at the tavern. Players can earn some gold by working at the graveyard. The amount of gold depends on the time spent working. Believe it or not, there's even a church here. Players can heal in the church. A character's name can be changed at the library. The hideout is your home in Bitefight. It can be improved and upgraded. Hideouts provide defense when players are attacked. PvP in Bitefight is easy. You can fight a random or a specific player. Battles always occur between vampires and werewolves. After selecting an opponent, the battle continues automatically. At the end, a battle report is presented to both players. Players can also hunt humans in Bitefight. They just select the time they wish to spend hunting. After that time passes, players come back to check their loot.

Bitefight is one of the free browser games that has premium options. Players can pay to change their portrait, double their hunting time or get better weapons. Players can recruit other players by sending them a link to register. This earns them some bonuses. Alliances can be also formed. There are leaderboards that list players depending on their performance. Bitefight is not a very complex game. It lacks a tutorial but that's not a major issue. Bitefight graphics recreate a horror setting.

By Rachel Rosen

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