Big Farm Celebrates St. Patrick's Day and Prepares for Easter Event

By Jeff Francis
Big Farm announces upcoming Easter event

Working on the farm is going to get a lot more interesting for Big Farm players. The browser mmo is currently celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a special in-game event, which will then be followed by a special Easter event. Details on the Big Farm Easter event have not been fully released yet, but it's likely to follow in the footsteps of previous Easter celebrations.

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Past Big Farm Easter events had players scouring their farms and meadows for hidden Easter eggs or collecting chocolate bunnies. The past rewards for successfully completing such endeavors include a limited edition birdhouse decoration, an Easter flag, a cherry blossom tree, and an Easter Bunny flag. The Big Farm Easter event for this year will likely feature some new decorations that will boost the happiness of the player's farm.

Currently, the Big Farm St. Patrick's Day event is underway within the no download mmorpg. This particular event finds that leprechauns have visited the player's farm, causing some mischief. Players will have to collect two kinds of collectibles during the event, which will increase the type of happiness for a final decoration. The leprechauns can cause some mayhem during the Big Farm St. Patrick's Day event by initiating a prank that will decrease a building's production by a full fifty percent. To get rid of this effect, players will either need to complete the production or find the hidden leprechaun on their farm. Once found, the leprechaun will present the player with three pots to choose from. One pot will transfer the negative effect from the current building to another one, the second pot will contain a small booster, and the third pot will contain a small amount of event collectibles or even a small amount of gold.


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