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  • Bigfarm: harvest

    Bigfarm: harvest
    Harvest crops after they grow. You can use crops on your farm or sell them off for extra money....
    Bigfarm: harvest

    Bigfarm: replant

    Bigfarm: replant
    Unused plots of land are not going to help. Remember to sow and replant empty spaces....
    Bigfarm: replant

    Bigfarm: build

    Bigfarm: build
    Buildings can be used to upgrade your farm....
    Bigfarm: build

    Bigfarm: expand

    Bigfarm: expand
    As you gain experience and accumulate money, you can expand you farm....
    Bigfarm: expand

BigFarm is a farming browser MMO game developed and published by GoodGame Studios. BigFarm is a cute farm simulator. Players start with a small farm and develop it into a successful business. Raw goods are produced and used in workshops. A BigFarm farm supports plants and animals. There are several methods to increase and optimize production. Plants must be fertilized to grow faster. This means that you will be able to harvest more and increase production. Animals must be fed. BigFarm has a questing system. More quests become available as players expand their farm and gain levels. Players can expand their farm by acquiring more land.

A smart BigFarm player will sell his goods for profit. There are other ways to get BigFarm gold. When leveling up, players get gold as reward. You can also gain gold as a reward for loging into BigFarm for several consecutive days. Completed quests give gold as well. Every game has a challenge and BigFarm greatest challenge is to make it on your own without using the cash shop. However, microtransactions are something normal for free browser games like BigFarm. Items to speed up production are always handy. Food for your BigFarm animals is produced at the mill. If you wish to skip this step, you can buy premium food. Better XP is gained when using BigFarm premium options. BigFarm premium currency is called Farm Dollars. Just like a real farm, a BigFarm farm has several types of buildings (barns, fields, chicken coops and so on). Improving and upgrading them is an important aspect. This way you can speed up development and increase production. The Farm management panel displays info about your BigFarm farm. Products can be sold here. Decorations can be placed. If you decide you don't want a decoration anymore, it can be stored in the inventory for later use.

The key to a successful BigFarm business is keeping your workers happy. Their work is more efficient when they're happy. The production costs are also kept low. Fortunately, BigFarm workers don't need much to be happy. Just make sure you have enough room for all of them and place decorations. Fellow farmers can join and create a cooperative ( BigFarm MMO guild). Guildies can work together and complete guild quests. BigFarm players can take part in competitions. The goal is to produce certain BigFarm goods. Players are ranked according to their level and farm performance. BigFarm graphics are a real eye candy. With such nice graphic details, players will be delighted to spend even a few minutes in BigFarm virtual world.

By Rachel Rosen


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