BattleSpace initiates a Union Interception event for the holidays

By Michael Jamias
battle space union interception december

The server-wide weekend war event from December 7 to 9 calls on pilots to fight rebel pirates and bring glory to their respective Unions.

In BattleSpace, space pilots can band together to form Unions or what is more commonly known in other MMORPG games as guilds. A Union Interception event provides a worthwhile challenge to players of all skill levels, and will take place on all available servers for the free no download mmorpg.

For those who have not participated in a Union Interception, there will be a massive amount of ships sent out to defeat the seemingly endless waves of NPCs. During Union Interception, the entire focus is on defeating the NPC foes instead of waging war on other Unions. Strategy and teamwork are key because the opposing space horde will not be a pushover. All the effort will be worth it though, since successfully rebuffing the rebel pirates will unlock rewards based on combat performance, and will vary as well based on member rank.

Each BattleSpace Union can keep track of their progress throughout the three-day event through their Union Interception Score. If a Union scores above the minimum, it secures them victor with unlocked prizes based on their level and member populations. Higher rewards become available with higher Union Interception Scores.


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