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battlespace europe open beta
Heads up, BattleSpace fans across the Atlantic -- the space strategy browser mmo has blasted into its EU open beta. We know you guys over in Europe have been waiting for more than a year for BattleSpace to make its European debut, and it seems the wait will soon be over. Developers said BattleSpace EU open beta will last for a few months over the course of which they will roll out new features and content to undergo through tester scrutiny. Ba...
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Sep 28 2013
battle space union interception december
The server-wide weekend war event from December 7 to 9 calls on pilots to fight rebel pirates and bring glory to their respective Unions. In BattleSpace, space pilots can band together to form Unions or what is more commonly known in other MMORPG games as guilds. A Union Interception event provides a worthwhile challenge to players of all skill levels, and will take place on all available servers for the free no download mmorpg. For those who h...
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Nov 27 2012