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    Battlemons: village
    Battlemons is a monster arena game. Before we can take our little terror to the arena to kill some unsuspecting critter, we have t...
    Battlemons: village

    Battlemons: stable

    Battlemons: stable
    Even the strongest battlemons get tired. Be sure to head to the stables to let this undergrown monster have some time to build up ...
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    Battlemons: enclosure

    Battlemons: enclosure
    The enclosure lets you set aside some of your other experimental minions. Here you can keep 2 battlemons back....
    Battlemons: enclosure

    Battlemons: trading

    Battlemons: trading
    Ready to move on? Let someone else take over your monstrous baby. For a small fee of course. You could always decide to buy a full...
    Battlemons: trading

Battlemons is a no download MMORPG developed and published by Travian Games. Battlemons is built using Flash and it doesn’t require download or installation. It’s a casual game, with cute graphics and animations. Players take the role of monster tamers and trainers. These monsters are called Battlemons. The action takes place on an alien planet. Explorers find these strange Battlemons creatures that are friendly with humans but extremely aggressive towards each other. Each Battlemons player starts with an egg. His first Battlemon will hatch from this egg. As players advance, they will unlock more Battlemons. There are several Battlemon types and each one has different combat capabilities.

When creating a Battlemons character, players can choose from a few physical traits. This is just for customization. Play style is determined by Battlemons. The starting Battlemons types are: furry, fireclaw, king dragon and thorntail. Battlemons is a free no download MMORPG where you customize Battlemon creatures. All players must feed, take care and train Battlemons. There are a few stages until a baby Battlemon reaches maturity. Advanced players can even breed 2 Battlemons to produce a new baby Battlemon. There are 2 types of Battlemons: males and females. Players must consider Battlemons genre when giving them toys. Playing with toys improves Battlemons mood. This is important because unhappy Battlemons ignore their masters. Feeding Battlemons is another important gameplay aspect. Different Battlemons types prefer different kinds of food. Battlemons have several stats. Mood is improved by playing with toys. Fullness is improved by eating. Energy must be regenerated. When Battlemons gather enough XP, they level up. The battle stats are: endurance, strength and agility. Battlemons also have abilities.

All Battlemons players have a village. This village contains all the necessary facilities to take care and train Battlemons. The Hatchery is the place where eggs are transformed into newborn Battlemons. A tired Battlemon goes to rest at the Stables. You can let your Battlemon recuperate its entire energy or wake him up any time. Pompoms are items that help Battlemons increase energy regeneration. All sorts of items can be bought from the Marketplace. You can also trade Battlemons with other players at the Marketplace. Battlemons improve their combat stats at the Training Grounds. The Shaman’s Hut is for ability training. The Arena is where Battlemons go to fight. Gold is a type of currency used by Battlemons MMORPG players. Gold is gained by winning Battlemons fights, selling items and by using the Totem. Battlecoins are premium Battlemons currency. Players have several ways to interact outside Battlemons battles. They can communicate using general and server chats. You can also private chat with a specific player. You can add friends to Battlemons friend list. Battlemons shop offers a good item selection.

By Rachel Rosen

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