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  • Battle Dawn: colony

    Battle Dawn: colony
    Main screen shows you overview of map around your colony and your resources....
    Battle Dawn: colony

    Battle Dawn: upgrade

    Battle Dawn: upgrade
    Upgrading your colony will give you additional options to make diversity of different soldiers including vehicles....
    Battle Dawn: upgrade

    Battle Dawn: troops

    Battle Dawn: troops
    Once you setup your colony you can use it to keep your troops in them or flee with your colony if you are under attack....
    Battle Dawn: troops

    Battle Dawn: mini games

    Battle Dawn: mini games
    Once you are waiting for your upgrades to finish or soliders to train you can play mini games which will award you resources....
    Battle Dawn: mini games

Battle Dawn is a 2D, free to play, browser-based MMORTS game that includes a large array of unique and exciting features, all delivered with quality sounds and 2D graphics. In Battle Dawn you're the leader of a new colony, trying to survive in a world where everything is out to get you. To survive you'll need all of your strategical wits to construct a vast army and forge alliances with other colonies. You'll need to construct a strong colony, expand your borders and secure then, all while you're building a great army to defeat your foes.

Battle Dawn holds a unique place among free MMO RTS games mainly because you're actually able to win the game. Most RTS titles allow players to continue forever, with no real end-game goal or purpose. Battle Dawn gives players the opportunity to defeat every opponent alive, if they're skilled enough to complete the objective. The aim of the game is to gather and hold a variety of rare artifacts, the artifacts are scattered throughout the game world and you'll be competing with thousands of other players. Once someone has collected all of the artifacts, they're declared victorious and the game restarts.

Battle Dawn is not a simple MMORTS title, there are 3 different maps you're able to play on. You can select to try to build your colony on Earth, the red planet Mars or in a fantasy realm. Each planet is occupied by different players and enemy forces and each provide their own unique challenges. You're not punished for selecting any of the available starting locations, you don't lose any particular resource or lose any benefits. This allows Battle Dawn players to play alongside their friends without the fear of falling behind or being dominated by far superior players.

In a world filled with thousands of players fighting for control, Battle Dawn provides a number of unique options that make you stand out from the crowd. You can customize your avatar from a variety of options and also fill your profile with all sorts of valuable information. You can also totally customize the flag that represents your colony, making Battle Dawn one of the most customizable MMORTS games on the market.

By Rachel Rosen

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