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    Batheo: campaign
    Launch a campaign to deal with enemy armies. It may take dozens of battles to finish one campaign....
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    Batheo: gear

    Batheo: gear
    Quests, fights or your stores may give you gear for your heroes. Remember to equip and upgrade these items as you play....
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    Batheo: buildings

    Batheo: buildings
    Build up your city constantly. You will need them to upgrade, increase production, attract new heroes, etc....
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    Batheo: missions

    Batheo: missions
    Missions will guide you through the first few hours of gameplay. If you are new to Bathssions before working on your own strategie...
    Batheo: missions

Batheo is a free to play MMORTS game based during the times of Greek Mythology. Batheo delivers a number of new features to the MMO RTS genre, including a unique hero system, a map progression system serving as the main plot and enough Greek Mythology references to keep even Zeus himself happy.

Most MMORTS games put players on a huge world map, Batheo uses a different approach and instead allows players to progress from map to map once certain conditions have been met. To be able to progress to the next area you must defeat all of the enemy legions currently occupying that territory, once you've defeated them all, you can move on to a new map and new challenges. Every new map is more difficult than the last, creating an ever expanding story experience that leaves you wanting more every time.

As well as legions of enemy units, each map also contains Legendary NPC heroes based around Greek Mythology, such as Zeusian, Athenian and Poseidonian. In order to recruit these legendary icons, you must first defeat them and their legion in battle. Every map contains a number of these legendary characters and you must beat them in a specific order to be able to add them to your army. Each hero increases in difficulty and are really worth the reward if you have the skills and power to take them down.

Batheo also features 8 historically accurate battle formations for players to choose from. Each one is renowned through history, involved in many pivotal battles and wars. Each unique formation has its own strengths and weaknesses, players must learn these effects to get the best out of each formation. It's a vital choice for every battle as even 1 slight error in judgement can leave your army defenseless against an attack. The formations also have many positive aspects, giving a skilled tactician the opportunity to take on enemy forces far superior to their own, if they're able to correctly assign their troops in the correct place within the formation.

There are many other features that make Batheo an interesting MMORTS title such as regular league battles, various communication tools and a number of extra systems to compliment the already effective hero system.

By Rachel Rosen

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