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    Backyard Monsters: speed
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    Backyard Monsters: quest
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    Backyard Monsters: defend
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Backyard Monsters is a free browser MMO game available on the Kongregate gaming portal, the home of over 50,000 unique games, played by hundreds of thousands of players across the globe. As the name implies, Backyard Monsters takes place in a yard, a rather unimaginative approach to the RTS genre but it makes a very pleasant change when compared to the dozens of military and sci-fi themed MMORTS titles.

As with other MMO RTS games, a large focus of Backyard Monsters is constructing and improving your own base. This is done from a central building called your Town Hall, this must be protected at all costs as a yard is completely destroyed if the Town Hall is defeated. There are dozens of unique buildings to construct in Backyard Monsters, some of which provide you with regular resources, others can be used to convert resources into buildings or monsters and some can be used to house your monster army. Every building has a specific use and players will need to upgrade each building type in order to unlock more monsters and defenses.

The combat system in Backyard Monsters is also quite unique, allowing players strategic choices in terms of attack location and defensive positioning. In order to attack enemy players and NPC towns, you must first construct a Flinger. A Flinger is a unique building that throws your monsters through the air to their target. Once your Flinger is in place you can select which type of units you want to fling at your target and where they will land. Giving tactical players the opportunity to bypass enemy defenses or sneak through to their Town Hall. Defending works in a similar way and as your opponents can drop their troops anywhere in your town, you must make sure that every possible area is covered and protected using a vast variety of deadly turrets.

The unique setting of Backyard Monsters combined with the intricate MMORPG and MMORTS features makes it a breath of fresh air to the stale RTS genre, a must-try title for any fans of strategy games.

By Rachel Rosen

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