Auto Club Revolution challenges you to drive in wet road conditions

By Michael Jamias
auto club revolution wet conditions

Auto Club Revolution introduces rain-soaked and dew-damped tracks that simulate the slipperiest racing conditions.

Drivers can now test their racing control and reactions to these challenging wet road conditions, said developers of the free racing browser mmo, either through urban settings or on licensed circuits. Wet conditions will pose new risks to speedsters: Shave off a few seconds and accelerate on wet curbs and grass, or play it safe to avoid a disastrous slide collision?

Wet road conditions also apply new environment visuals to the race tracks. Damp foggy weather, for instance, will lead to limited visibility and reduced grip. Developers said wet tracks should force drivers keep their eyes on the road instead of multitasking or splitting their gaming attention with another MMORPG.

“The wet surroundings will have varying affects across a range of surface types, we wanted the player to have to rethink their racing styles and adapt to this new feature,” said Auto Club Revolution technical director Mark McClumpha.

Wet conditions are part of the slew of improvements rolled out this March, including new HUF maps for easier track navigation, a camera shake feature to better simulate real-life driving,  and new car and daily challenges.


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