Auto Club Revolution whips out Watkins Glen International track

By Michael Jamias
auto club revolution watkins glen release

The Watkins Glen International track, is ready to roll in Auto Club Revolution.

"Known to avid racers worldwide, the New York-based track has played host to nearly every type of major road racing event since it was founded in 1948, including F1, NASCAR and Indycar," said Eutechnyx.

The free to play racing mmorpg is giving proper homage to the popular race track by launching a related community event called Race to Release challenge. Currently, players have access to just one of three Watkins Glen courses, the Watkins Glen Short Route. The other two courses, the Watkins Glen Classic Boot and Watkins Glen Boot, will be only be unlocked after the whole server logs in a total of 100,000 miles on the Short Route.

The track might look gorgeous in the browser mmo, but what about the track design? Does it play as well as it looks?

You be the judge after watching Auto Club Revolution driver extraordinaire Richard Towler finish a lap in the Watkins Glen Short Route:

You might also want to watch the official Watkins Glen launch trailer that gives different camera angles of the New York-based track.


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