Auto Club Revolution balances races with Progression update

By Michael Jamias
auto club revolution progression update

Auto Club Revolution gets a much-needed balance tuning which will be implemented in the upcoming Progression update.

Developers are overhauling the way players level up and unlock cars in the online racing game in order to "offer more flexibility and a deeper player experience." Executive producer Christoph Vietzke revealed other changes slated to hit the pavement in his Progression update Q&A:

"Previously a player could purchase any car or upgrade at anytime, as long as they had the necessary credits, or ebucks. With the new progression system a player must unlock cars and upgrades as they increase their rank. With the Progression Update, ACR is encouraging the player to progress through the game car by car making Auto Club Revolution into a driver journey," explained Vietzke.

Vietzke said the new system is better than the previous one because it create a more intuitive approach, since players who pay their dues by racing in more races will earn more EXP points and unlock more cars.

Higher-ranked players will have access to better cars with higher levels of performance.

Vietzke also assured that the majority of cars -- almost 90% -- in the racing browser mmo will continue to be available through Credits purchase. E-bucks cash shop buyers can purchase the remaining Premium cars directly but the executive producer said these will never be the strongest cars in the mmorpg. The only advantage of Premium cars is they provide an accelerate rate of EXP and Credits when used in races, helping ease the grind.

All players, whether owning free cars or Premium ones -- will still need to master the skill of driving to win competitions and unlock the top-tier vehicles.

The Progression update also introduces new damage mechanics for competitive races (both A.I. and multiplayer) but not for practice races.

"After the race a damaged car will be unavailable to race again until repairs have been made. Repairs cost a small amount of Credits, corresponding to the amount of damage a car has taken, Vietzke explained of the new damage system. Cars though will be able to complete their current race no matter how damaged they become during the laps.

Lastly, the upcoming patch also enables a new upgrade system with a cap of three upgrades per car, making the choice more compelling instead of players slapping on everything they own in one car to ensure victory.


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