Take a spin in Auto Club Revolution's iconic Brands Hatch circuit

By Michael Jamias
auto club revolution brands hatch

True-blue formula racing enthusiasts, are you ready to conquer the Brands Hatch circuit?

Brands Hatch, located in the United Kingdom, is considered one of the most challenging motor racing circuits in the world, feared for its tough turns, scary slopes and notorious blind downhill corner, Paddock Hill Bend. And it's now fully playable in the racing simulation game Auto Club Revolution.
As if its legendary heritage wasn't enough of a draw for MMO virtual racing fans, the developers decided to give Brands Hatch the ultimate production treatment by using advanced laser scanning technology. The end result: Brands Hatch has been re-created in mesmerizing detail and high resolution, so much that developers claim it to be 100% accurate, which will of course delight racing fans.

Check out the Brands Hatch developer diary to see the track in its full glory, and to find out what it will take for you to conquer this circuit.

Auto Club Revolution will feature 2 routes around Brands Hatch -- the Grand Prix and Indy routes -- both of which will be accessible in the browser mmo for free.

Developers promised to release more famous tracks made with its advanced laser scanning tech, as well as flashy cars to join the already robust roster, in the months to come.


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