Auto Club Revolution launches ACR League competition

By Michael Jamias
auto club revolution acr league

Can you handle seven weeks of grueling racing trials against the very best drivers in Auto Club Revolution?

If you answered yes, then you just might have the confidence and skills to winning the newly launched ACR League competition.

Each week you and other alpha drivers will battle for a top 3 spot in the ACR League leader boards to score game gear like an Xbox 360 controller for Windows or Razr mouse mat that will give you even more of an edge in the free racing browser mmo.

Not good enough for a weekly podium finish? Your next goal should be to place within the Top 100 of the leader boards to get a nice big wad of Credit rewards.

Persistence also pays off. If you participate in all seven daily league leader boards, you will be automatically qualified for a prize draw for Premium Accounts and cars.

But of course, the ultimate loot will be reserved for the grand winners who manage to conquer the various tracks and across seven weeks of competition, and place in the overall Top 3 of the ACR League.

These mmo driving elite will receive either a MSI R7 260X Graphics Card (1st place), a custom PC Tower Unit (2nd place) or a sweet Cooling Fan (3rd place). Similar to the weekly prize scheme, there's also a thanks-for-playing consolation in-game rewards for the overall Top 100.


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