Auto Club Revolution 2.0 Revs Up for Closed Beta

By Michael Jamias
auto club revolution 2 0 closed beta

Auto Club Revolution has gone to the pit stop to get a much overdue remodeling. Drivers can already sign-up for the Auto Club Revolution 2.0 Closed Beta at the official registration page. This Auto Club Revolution 2.0 trailer gives you an advance look at the "reengineered graphics and physics" planned for the rework:

Eutechnyx says the Auto Club Revolution 2.0 version will have "massively expanded" content, including a selection of more than 50 of the world's leading manufactured cars from McLaren, BMW, Ford and Bentley, among others. The new version will also focus on jacking up the visuals and controls for the racing browser mmo, including installing support for Oculus Rift.

The studio also gave in to fan demands of a full-turning, 360-degree garage to better showcase your mmorpg car collection, as well as a single client download that should make installation much more convenient.

“We’ve spent two years laying the foundation of an authentic community-driven game for fans of automotive culture. We have hundreds of thousands of players worldwide that motivate us to push the ACR experience even further, and now we are bringing the best ideas to fruition.” says Dave Thompson, Development Director of Auto Club Revolution in an interview with Red Bull.


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