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  • Auto Club Revolution: Car Modification

    Auto Club Revolution: Car Modification
    The game allows you to personalize the look of your car with new colors and performance upgrades....
    Auto Club Revolution: Car Modification

    Auto Club Revolution: Socialization

    Auto Club Revolution: Socialization
    ACR takes socialization to a new level, you will find it easier than ever....
    Auto Club Revolution: Socialization

    Auto Club Revolution: Clubs

    Auto Club Revolution: Clubs
    Clubs are like guilds, you will be able to build your own club or join others....
    Auto Club Revolution: Clubs

    Auto Club Revolution: Racing

    Auto Club Revolution: Racing
    Racing audio sounds amazing, graphics are moderate, controls are nice and there's no car destruction....
    Auto Club Revolution: Racing

Auto Club Revolution Gameplay First Look - HD

Auto Club Revolution Gameplay First Look - HD

Auto Club Revolution (ACR), developed and published by Eutechnyx, is a free racing browser MMO. Racing fans can enjoy a quality driving experience and interact with others that share the same passion. Auto Club Revolution is not just a game but also a social platform. Auto Club Revolution is created by a team of developers that are well experienced with racing video games. Developers worked with famous car producers to deliver an authentic racing game. Players are able to drive the car of their dreams. Auto Club Revolution tracks are built after real ones. Graphics are 3D and very realistic.

There are 50 Auto Club Revolution available cars. Each car is customizable. Players can change and enhance their favorite vehicle. Car customization is an important Auto Club Revolution feature. You can spend hours working on a car. Various paints and colors can be applied to a car to personalize its looks. The other major Auto Club Revolution gameplay feature is racing. There is single and multiplayer content. Auto Club Revolution has an achievement system. There are lots of Auto Club Revolution achievements for players to unlock. The leaderboards keep track of players’ performance. For greater Auto Club Revolution challenges players can sign up for events and contests. New players have to complete the tutorial challenges before racing on real circuits. Players can join or create lobbies. When all players in a lobby are ready, the race can begin. All cars have manual and automatic transmission. Manual mode is for experimented Auto Club Revolution players. The showroom is the place where new cars can be acquired. Auto Club Revolution free MMO uses 2 types of currency: E-Bucks and Credits. Players advance by earning XP and ranks. Each new rank unlocks more Auto Club Revolution features. At the moment, the rank cap is 40.

In order to ensure quality game time, Auto Club Revolution has a penalty system. Players who don’t follow the rules and ruin Auto Club Revolution experience for other players receive penalties and can even be disqualified. Auto Club Revolution has integrated support for Logitech G27 wheel and Thrustmaster F1 T500. Auto Clubs are Auto Club Revolution guilds. Members contribute to the overall Auto Club rank and they can also get weekly payments. There are many reasons to join an Auto Club. Social interaction is one of them. Players can keep in touch with all their Auto Club Revolution buddies by adding them to the friends list. Challenging Auto Club Revolution buddies to friendly races is a great way to improve your driving skills. Auto Club Revolution is one of the free browser games that uses Unity Web Engine.

By Rachel Rosen


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