Astro Empires v1.5 update blasts off in October

By Michael Jamias
astro empires v1 5 update

The Astro Empires v1.5 update promises to bring a bold new look and fresh mechanics to the space strategy browser mmo.

Scheduled to go live in October, the v1.5 update is being touted as the largest update that Astro Empires has ever seen due to its long list of features and upgrades.

Visual improvements take top priority, with developers confirming the release of a reworked interface, sporting a sleeker, simpler and better organized set-up. The game will also receive new media graphics, and a more user-friendly interactive map.  

Structural progression will also be better represented, with structures evolving through different 3D images as they evolve through to the highest tier.

Developers even addressed complaints about the free mmo having a sluggish starting pace by almost doubling the bases start construction capacity.

Meanwhile, freshly tweaked game mechanics and a noticeably more polished tutorial should help soothe some of the headaches encountered by veterans and newbies, respectively.

But some new features, such as guild locators on maps, will be available only to upgraded Astro Empires accounts.

"The changes are definitely the largest since Astro Empires was launched and the player's initial feedback has been very positive," said Colin Palin, Community Manager at Astro Empires.


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