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  • Astro Empires: homebase

    Astro Empires: homebase
    Our home planet is currently our only base. We need a few structures to get started....
    Astro Empires: homebase

    Astro Empires: structures

    Astro Empires: structures
    Let's start with a metal refinery. It will take 5 minutes to complete. In the meantime, we will explore some other options....
    Astro Empires: structures

    Astro Empires: home planet

    Astro Empires: home planet
    Here is our planet overview. We can look at bases in our empire, switch back to the tutorial, and access any other tabs in game....
    Astro Empires: home planet

    Astro Empires: planet name

    Astro Empires: planet name
    While waiting for our refinery to finish, we work on the most important job in any game. We have to name our base. Maybe MMOPLanet...
    Astro Empires: planet name

Astro Empires is a free to play space strategy MMORTS game that boasts some of the most unique and addictive features seen in a game of this kind. Astro Empires features a fully persistent online universe, meaning everything continues to grow and evolve, even when you're not online. Unlike most browser-based MMO RTS games, Astro Empires features high quality 3D images and animations, making it one of the most attractive games in this genre.

Astro Empires features a huge game world, inhabited by hundreds of thousands of players. The game features in-depth combat mechanics, that are easy to pick up and play but take time to master. You can fight in huge wars against thousands of other players. You're able to bring massive fleets into each battle constructed from a large selection of available ships. Players can research and build dozens of different ships types, from small zippy units to gigantic capital ships. You can strengthen the power and abilities of your ships using the in-depth research building options. Increasing your building capacity, your available ships and the available armaments that you can use with them. Astro Empires allows players to be at the forefront of technology. Using some of the most technologically advanced ships ever seen.

A large portion of Astro Empires is gathering and managing your resources. If you hope to take your armada across the galaxy, destroying villages and pillaging worlds, you must have enough resources to build your army and keep them going. This is done by constructing a number of highly important resource buildings, each of which will generate a certain resource. The resource works in a traditional MMORTS way, offering a certain amount of resources each hour. You can increase the amount of resources you gain per hour by upgrading these buildings and researching various technologies to improve them.

Astro Empires has a huge community of thousands of players. Log in, share your ideas and tactics, or just talk about general topics as you make your plans to take over the universe.

By Rachel Rosen


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