Arcane Hearts enters open beta

By Michael Jamias
arcane hearts open beta

The free browser mmo proceeds to its public open beta with all 3 character classes fully playable.

Arcane Hearts fans can choose from the Warrior, Mage or Shaman and start barreling through the interactive worlds, teaming up with others for co-op missions and ruthless guild PvP battles.

Open beta participants will notice a lot of upgrades have been implemented to the mmorpg since its closed beta last September.

Players have aired concerns that characters end up being too similar to each other because of the lack of skill and equipment options. Developers have responded by implementing a higher level of customization and offering more in-game rewards.

The initial open beta patch notes also revealed that several changes and major systems will be activated for the first time during open beta:

- level cap increased to level 50

- character name limit raised from 8 to 12 characters

- XP level requirements have been decreased

- cutscenes have new dialogue

- Bounty Hunting, Zodiac and Boss Crafting systems added

Developers have also cleaned up some of the funky dialogue and user interface glitches that have been popping up during the closed beta test, all resulting in a less glitchy, less grindy, and more content-rich game build.


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