Anno Series Celebrates 15 Years

By Josh Wirtanen
Anno Series Celebrates 15 Years

Anno Online, the medieval city-building sim from Ubisoft and Blue Byte, is celebrating its ancestry, as the series is now officially fifteen years old. That's right, the original game in the series, Anno 1602, launched back in 1998. Today, Anno Online kicks off its "ANNOversary" event, which includes new quests and a new currency.

The event has settlers stopping by your island and asking for supplies so they can repair their ships. If you help them out, you'll be rewarded. Additionally, the King seems to be all hot and bothered over some mysterious ruins discovered on one of the islands. Help the old chum solve some mysteries, why don't you?

For partaking in these quests, players will earn two new and exclusive in-game currencies, Doubloons and Anno Planks. Doubloons allow players to purchase some brand new stuff, like a new ship type, an Enhanced Marketplace, a Scout's Hideout that speeds up exploration times, and the Old Tree (which players may remember from Anno 1404) that allows players to build and collect various items. The Anno Planks, on the other hand, contribute to achievements that, when unlocked, grant special rewards. Top Plank-earners will even earn a "Hero of the Event" prize.

Also, anyone who participates in the ANNOversary event will get a neat little 15th Anniversary statue when the festivities end.

The ANNOversary event is live right now in Anno Online, which is free to play.

Anno Online Celebrates 15 Years of Anno


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