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Animation Throwdown: The Quest For Cards is a collectible cards game developed and published by Kongregate in collaboration with Fox Digital Entertainment. The game is available on Kongregate gaming portal together with many other free to play MMO games. The Quest For Cards brings together popular characters from five beloved Fox Entertainment cartoons. King of the Hill, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy and American Dad characters are represented in game as playable heroes. The Quest For Cards gameplay includes deck building, PvE and PvP battles, card research and guilds. New players will start by picking a hero. There are five starting characters, each from one of the five cartoon universes. Players will get the hang of the game by fighting Peter Griffin in the tutorial.

There are four card categories available: normal, rare, epic and legendary. Animation Throwdown players select 25 cards from their collection to forge a deck that will be used in matches against the computer or against other human opponents. The trick of the game is to mix two types of cards to obtain powerful combos. Character and object cards are available. Players learn how to match these in order to enjoy the benefits of a card combo. There are hundreds of unique cards so the possibilities are practically endless. Just like many other browser games, The Quest For Cards features two types of content: PvE and PvP. Adventure mode requires players to win matches against the computer. Episodic challenges will test players deck building abilities and strategic skills. These challenges are organized into themed chapters. Each chapter takes place in a different cartoon universe and features memorable scenes from some of the most watched episodes. The Quest For Cards adventure mode features more than 25 chapters. Each time players complete a level they get awarded with a star. It's possible to replay a level three times to acquire three stars but the difficulty increases with each replay. Arena is the PvP mode that gives players the chance to fight each other. Each player is assigned a level that is increased when players acquire trophies.

Research is a game feature that allows players to combine abilities from two cards into one. Animation Throwdown doesn't allow all cards to be merged. It takes a bit of time until the merged card is available. The Quest For Cards is one of the free browser games that has premium currency. Gems are bought from the game store. Players that want to speed up their game can use gems to recharge energy. Guilds are a game feature that is available to level three PvP players. The Quest For Cards can also be played on a mobile device running iOS or Android.

By Rachel Rosen

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