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Angelic Saga is a strategy cards game browser MMO developed and published by Nutaku. The fantasy story takes place in an anime themed setting. A secret project at the Academy of Alchemy went out of hand. As a result, a horde of corrupted magic users escaped from the Academy and are threatening to take over the world. They are driven by evil ambitions and must be stopped at all costs. Angelic Saga players take the role of heroes and saviors who will set on a journey to catch the escapees and undo their vile actions. Gameplay feature deck building and multiplayer. Angelic Saga has PvE content too but the main objective is to create a powerful deck and achieve victories against other players.

PvE activities help players acquire items that are used to customize and upgrade decks. Quests and boss battles are story driven activities. Players follow the Angelic Saga story by completing missions and downing enemies. After a certain number of missions is completed, players will face a stronger than usual opponent. Boss battles have better rewards than normal encounters. Players get more XP when defeating a boss. Some battles will unlock special cutscenes. These scenes can be checked out by visiting the gallery. Angelic Saga is one of the free browser games that use the stamina mechanic. Players spend stamina to initiate quests. Stamina replenishes in time. Gacha is a feature that allows players to obtain new hero cards. This activity works like a mini game that requires points or premium currency as entry fee. Gacha points are obtained just by playing the game. Premium gacha is bought with Nutaku gold. Players that cannot find their newly acquired heroes should look in the gift box section where items are deposited if there's no more room in the inventory. Hero cards have four attributes: level, cost, attack and defense. Each hero has a special ability called skill. Angelic Saga card upgrade menu gives players the chance to improve their cards. Items are upgraded when completing quests and gaining experience points. Materials can be used as well. Money is another type of currency. It is acquired by playing the game and spent for cards upgrade.

There are two PvP modes: matches and tournaments. Angelic Saga is a MMO that allows players to challenge each other by participating in battle mode matches. Tournament style events are also available. Angelic Saga tournaments reward winners with special prizes. To win a tournament, players must defeat all opponents in real time matches. Angelic Saga is found on the Nutaku game portal.

By Rachel Rosen

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